About Us

The History of Norel Farms Honeybees

Originally, Norel Farms LLC was formed to deal with honey sales and the removal of pest honeybees from peoples properly. In the summer of 1991 Norman was mowing grass on our yard in Georgia. As he was mowing under a large tree he looked up and saw a small hive of bees underneath a large limb of the tree. He then told Rachel who grew up in Kansas taking care of beehives. The next day we bought bee keeping equipment and a few days later tried to catch the bees, but they all left. So, we ordered a package of bees and were in the bee business. In the next few years people started calling us if they saw a swarm of bees and over time our number of hives grew. Besides honey, we also pollinated fields and remove pest hives from people’s property.

The name “Norel Farms” came from combining our two names, “Norman” and “Rachel“. The “Farms” was added because when we initially started the bee business we also grew elephant garlic along with the bees. We found that honeybees made money every year while elephant garlic made money some years, but lost even more money the other years. Eventually we quit growing elephant garlic and concentrated on honeybees.

Each hive of bees produces ~50 pounds of honey per year. This is raw local honey. Many people say that the pollen in the honey helps them with their allergies. We sell this honey at very reasonable prices. See the page on honey sales.

We will gladly remove a swarm of honey bees from your property or a hive of bees in the wall of your house. Please see our bee removal page.

We do pollination of fields. Please see our bee pollination page.

More: Visit the Norel Farms Bakery website at www.norelfarms.com.