Bee Removal

page-removalIf you have a swarm of bees in a tree or bush we will gladly remove them for you. If you live within 30 miles of Hillsboro, KS there is no charge for this service. If you live more than 30 miles from Hillsboro, then there is a $50 charge for this service. If you call us, and the bees are no longer there when we arrive there will still be a $50 charge for our time and effort.

We will also gladly remove honey bees from your property. We have performed this service for over fifteen years. We use a safe vacuum method to collect the bees without killing them. We then transfer the bees to a typical bee hive in our apiary. The charge for bee removal is $75/hour with a minimum charge of $200.

Norelfarms will perform the minimum damage to your property to remove the bees and will not repair your wall or be held liable for damage to your property. This all part of the process of bee removal.

Please see the photo gallery for pictures of when we have removed honeybees from people’s homes in the past.

Norel Farms can be reached at:

Norel Farms
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Phone 620-877-7501 or 620-947-2343

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