Honey Sales


page-honeyEach hive of bees produces ~50 pounds of honey per year. This is raw local honey. Many people say that the pollen in the honey helps them with their allergies.

We currently sell Honey for the following prices:

Half-Pint — $5.00
Pint — $8.00
Quart — $15.00
Gallon — $55.00 – You provide your own container!

We will gladly remove a swarm of honey bees. If you see a swarm of honey bees call us immediately at 620-877-7501 or 620-947-2343. We will come out ASAP to get them.

Norel Farms will also remove bees which have built a hive in an existing house. There is a minimum charge of 200.00 for this service. We will remove the bees, and possibly part of the panelling or exterior of the house to remove the bees. You are responsible for carpentry and putting the pieces back together. Please see our bee removal page.

We do pollination of fields. The current charge is $200 for the use of four hives for 10 weeks.

Pest Hive Removal

If you have bees in your house we can remove them. We have been doing this for over 10 years. Bee are removed using a vacuum system and are not injured in the process. The charge for bee removal is $75/hour with a minimum charge of $200.

Please contact us if any of this interests you. Norel Farms can be reached at:

Norel Farms
214 S. Cherry
Richmond, KS 66080

For more information e-mail us at: info@olathebeeremoval.com”